Empowering Students for the 21rst Century

Do you want to empower your school?

And at the same time keep up with the challenges of a constantly reforming school?

You can achieve this with The Leader In Me™, a whole school transformation process that implements the principles of leadership and effectiveness using everyday, age-appropriate language, empowering faculty and staff members, and preparing students for success in life.

Based on Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it creates a unique school culture that forms the foundation for the development of strong and cooperative individuals. Schools that use The Leader In Me™ see the following results in their students

  • Improved academic results
  • Increased creativity
  • Leadership skills development
  • Better communication
  • Greater responsibility
  • Self confidence
  • Better teamwork

This program helps young people acquire the decision-making skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow and gain greater control of their lives.



The Leader In Me™

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